What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Back Seat...

I hate the back seat.  I get sick.  I don't like someone else driving my car.  BUT on Wednesday night...I LOVED the back seat.   I was lucky enough to go our for Chinese with three of my boys.  On the way home Seth wanted to drive.  Jordan called shotgun.  That put me in the back seat with Kaden.  Not so sure about that...So I crawled in.  And the BEST thing happened.  A little hand reached across the seat and grabbed ahold of mine.  A little voice expressed his absolute delight that his Mommy was riding in the back seat with him.  He held my hand the entire way home. That precious sweet little hand.  The warmth of it melted into my hand...and into my cold I hate the back seat soul.  That night..I LOVED the backseat.  There surrounded by these amazing souls that God has blessed me with. 

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  1. That is so sweet. My grandson grabbed my hand at church the other day. How special. I think you have to be older to appreciate these things.