What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Friday, August 15, 2014

Hello Long Lost Friends!

Wow...I can't believe it's been a year and a half since I last posted.  Heavens were has the time gone?  I reread my last entry and just went WOW.  Back "then" I was just talking about buying this house and needing bedrooms on the main floor.  How far have I come.  A new house, that I love, and new knees that I love even more have certainly changed my world.  And the boys...wow...I guess I need to update!

Jamie no longer works for Apple, or lives in New York.  Can't say I'm sad about the New York thing...because we get to see him more again.  Hes now started his own business in videography!  He also works as a waiter...which cracks me up.  Jamie doesn't exactly like kissing butt, lol!!!

Zach was promoted to Field Supervisor for the Department of Corrections.  He supervises field agent for probation and parole.  He is actually the youngest person ever in the department of corrections to hold this position!

Jordan is still in college, but will be graduating in December.  He and his long time five year girlfriend have broken up.  Which is heartbreaking for all of us. However it certainly gives Jordan a plethora of opportunity once he graduates.  He won't have to feel he needs to stay here anymore.

Seth has graduated college and has an awesome job as an IT Specialist working for a large construction company in the area.  He loves it.  And the best part, they treat him /SO well!  He flew to Ohio this week for work.  Ive never gotten to fly anywhere for work, lol!!!

We have a new member to our family.  Boots the cat.  NEVER thought I'd own a cat.  I dont like cats.....even a little.  But I must admit, I kinda love her.  And have changed my mind about those furry little critters.

I'm still working as a labor and delivery nurse and loving every minute.  Last night I had the nicest family, and the most beautiful delivery.  Contrary to popular belief, that seems to be the rare event lately.  I actually sat down this am to give report to the AM shift and said, "THIS is why I love my job!"

Seth gave me a laptop for my birthday and mothers day.  So I most certainly hope to be back in blog land more again!  Can't wait to catch up on what everyone is doing.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shower Curtain Help

First...I bit of news! We're buying a house! I hate the thought of moving again, but at least I know this is it! For those that are friends on Facebook, please don't mention this! My current landlord is a friend on there. I'm not mentioning it to her until everything isa for sure go! I lovemy current home, but with my knees,reallyneedto find something with bedrooms on the main floor! So we did!

Which brings me to the shower curtain! In my main bathroom it's painted a beautiful blue! I LOVE it! Years ago I remember seeing a blue and brown shower curtain that would look perfect, but I can't find it! Does anyone have a clue where I might find it! I've searched to no avail! Or ifyouhave any other ideas....please share!

Thanks, Katie

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Little Decorator

As I've shared with many of you many times...my dear sweet baby boy has definite opinions regarding my decor!  Thank goodness he actually shares his Mom's decor style or we really could have some problems.  He may only be six...but he knows how he wants his house to look!  I have a lot of "things."  But that little guy will certainly be able to pick some little new thing out that I may have added!

So here's a few of his little decor funnies as of late.

Two weeks ago, I broke down and went to look at a big old Victorian home that's for sale in town.  It's a five bedroom two bath house priced at $69,000!  I knew for that price it would need a lot of fixing.  But I really just had to look.  I took Kaden along!  THAT was a treat.  We inspected the entire house.  Ladies...I loved it!  Absolutely loved it.  But for a single Mama on a limited budget...it just would require way to much money to fix.  My son had all kinds of opinions....here are a few:
"Well Mom...it really didn't need anything major fixed!"  (where we looking at the same house?)
As we are standing in the living room.."Mom where would we put our Christmas tree?" These are important questions!
Then after we had looked at it all..."Mom lets go outside and talk about this!"
Once home..."Mom lets sit down and talk about what we liked about the first house and the second house."  ( we looked at another the realtor thought we might like too...not so much!)

I was cracking up and going crazy for about a week after as he had all sorts of input on this house.  Ohhh ladies...if I could afford to fix it back to it's original splendor...I'd snatch that house up in a heart beat.  But I just cant afford it!  But I can guarantee I'll be dreaming about it for a long time to come!

THEN....a few other little decor funnies from the kid.

He and I were laying in my bed one morning and he asked if I liked the bedroom in the picture on my wall.  I said yes, I'd love that bedroom.  How about you would you like it.  His reply:
"Well it's kind of girlie, especially the curtains.  But I could probably find a few pieces that would work!"

Seriously...this kid is watching WAY to much HGTV!

Kaden spent New Years Eve at my sister Beths.  Beth has two little boys 9 and 5.  At night the boys were going to sleep on the floor in my sisters bedroom.  She doesn't get "cartoons" in her room.  Kaden wasn't worried and suggested they watch HGTV!  They all agreed it was a good idea.  My sister said she was just giggling listening to Kaden, who's six, and his nine year old cousin Landon discussing houses as they watched.  Which ones they liked, which they didn't, and what they did and didn't like about each!  Hey...I'm not complaining...it's WAY better than watching that stupid Sponge Bob cartoon!!

Happy New Year everyone!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

That Crazy Kid!

The other day I was busy cleaning...cleaning everything.  After I'd finish a room I'd give everything a good spray of Febreeze! With a dog and boys....it's a necessity!  Well...along comes Kaden.  He plopped himself on the couch and realized it felt wet!  Here's our conversation::

"Mom is that poison?"
"Yep it is!"
"Well I sat on it!"
"Great!  Now your butt is going to fall off!"
"Mommmmmmm....I dont wanttttttt my butt to fall off!"
"Kaden do you really think your butt's going to fall off?"
"Well your a nurse Mom.  You should know!  Soooooo....you DONT always tell me the truth!"

Hmmmm...wait until he finds out about the Easter Bunny, and Santa, and the Tooth Fairy...and that those towers...with the flashing red lights...are really cell phone towers...NOT Santa's Elves that keep an eye on children all year long!!!!

Tonight we went to watch Zachary coach basketball!  He coaches at the same school Kaden goes too!  The nice...Luthern...Private School!  The one I hope Kaden will still get to go to next week!!!  Seeeee....Zach let Kaden help him "keep the book!"  Kaden got to mark when the guys made baskets or fouls...which he took VERY seriously mind you!  He also will now always be sitting with Auntie Kris...who has a tendency to be the loud one at that games when it comes to cheering!  In fact...my Mother, who sat in front of us said she thougth, "who is the loud little person behind me!"  Then turned around to see it was Kaden!!!  Anyway...the game is almost over, and we are ahead.  Mr. Kaden is very excited...he turns to me and says, "Mom...Zach's plan is working really well!"  Ahhh yes, Zachs plan did work well, they won!!  Lol...However (and this is where I worry we may not be returning to our nice, Luthern private school)...after the game we went to the cafeteria for a snack. Kadens principal was there.  Kaden went over to give Mr. J some information!  "Mr. Jiter, I got to be Zachs BOOKY tonight!"  Yes...yes...a booky...my son..the six year old...was a booky, lol!!!!

I love that crazy little kid!

Monday, November 5, 2012

I won!

I was the lucky winner in Mary Harris' witch giveaway! Letme just say...when the box arrived I had no clue she was that big! Ohhhh how I love this ole gal! She's far to perfect to put away after Halloween though. So I found a bonnet Traci Stoddard had made and strategically placed it over her witchy hat! Of course Mary also included the adorable pin cushion doll and bonnet! Thank you thank you thank you Mary!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Crazy Kid...

Oh the things out of a little boys mouth!  Sometimes I truly believe Kaden is a 45 year old man trapped in a six year old body!  Here's just a small sampling of a few of his quotes in the past few days:

"Mom, someday when we buy this house, I want to replace all the floors with hardwood!" (Really?  Do six yo's even know what hardwood is!)

"Mom what's bigger, a king sized, or a queen sized bed?" (apparently he was upstairs watching HGTV when I thougth he was sleeping!)

"Mom do you have knee pain?  If so...cymbalta can help!  You need to see your doctor right away!"

To the big brothers...when three of them are standing around the table.."Kaden who's your favorite brother?"  Without missing a beat..."Seth!"  Apparently protecting the other brothers feelings isn't high on his priority list!

"Mom did you know what 5 + 5 was when you were six?"
No Kaden I didn't, and I didn't know how to read like you can either.
"That's cuz you were born in the olden days like Grandma Judy and Grandma Karlson!"  (Nice to be included in the company of a 71 and 93 yo!!!!)

Whispering in my ear when his father arrived to pick him up..
"Mom I want you to hug Dad, OK!"  (oh for petes sake, ask me to poke out an eye with a fork or something simple)

"How was your day at school today Kaden?"
"Exhausting!  The work was hard.  Sit down in that chair."
I sit...and he comes and crawls up in my lap and hugs me!  Ssshhhh...I'm hoping for more exhausting days!

And last...he came home from school today and decided we were playing school.  At his real school Wednesday is chapel day.  Soooo...he was a pastor.  He explained to me that his pastor at school talks really loud sometimes.  If you will...picture this small child with his hands in his pants pocket, a very stern look on his face, pacing my living room back and forth all of a sudden he points his finger at me and yells...
I reply kinda of scared...then
Ohhh I can't resist this one..."Yes sir I have!"
"Today sir, I stole some of my sons Halloween candy!"
Heheheeeee...I am so evil!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A wolf...in sheeps clothing...

Oh yes...I'm talking about this little lady.  Miss Lucy Lu. The story starts like this....For the past 35 years we have had relatives come travel from "across the pond" to visit.  My Great Grandfather's sister lived in England, so her family still comes to visit.  My Mother, who is NOT an entertainer..called me to see if I'd host dinner on Sunday.  She wanted me to make Granny Trace's amazing white chicken chili. Sooooo....after cleaning and cooking all weekend...my last and only concern was Lucy.  She's STILL not completely potty trained.  Which is a HUGE pain in MY butt!!  So what to do with Lu when the guests arrive.  How will she behave...ohhh please oh please Lucy be a good girl.  AND a good girl she was. NOT!!!!!!!

First...she loves water...I turn the tub on and if I'm not watching her she's in it.  However...let a few raindrops fall from the sky and God help us all she will die if she needs to go out to go potty.  UGH...just what I need trying to get ready for company...and dog who won't pee outside...so we KNOW where she'll be peeing!  Oh but wait...not her usual pee on my braided rug pee...THIS time...she decided to hop up on my $25 red plaid craigslist chair in the dining room and PEE on THAT!!!!!  WHAT!!!!!!  She has never ever done anything like that!!!  So here I am...in the midst of all my preparation....frantically searching the internet for ways to get the dog pee smell out of furniture.  Just for the record....Febreeze only hides the scent for awhile...the adds are NOT true!!!  $#&^ Dog!

Ok...I manage to make the house smell quite lovely with all my candles and melters going....an entire bottle of febreeze,  and a pumpkin pie baking.  Crisis averted....

UNTIL....the guests have arrived, dinner is eaten and enjoyed...we are sitting around the table chatting...I look for some reason at the floor under the table and.......OH DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN...there is a dog terd RIGHT under the lovely English woman's foot!!!!!  If she puts her foot down she's stepping in it.  OMG OMG OMG>..what do I do...how do I get THAT....OHHHH THAT DOGGGG.....Oh yes...the bone...theirs a bone....I try to nonchalantly sweep under the table...wait...wait...oh yes...that's HER...MY MOTHER..."Katie WHAT are you DOING!"  Excuse me..but at this time I wanted to smuck her upside the head and say SHUT UP!  I know...rude.  But really...I'm going for inconspicuous here!  I sweetly say...oh I don't want anyone stepping on the bone...sweep up the dog terd in my BARE hand...and think...ok, now what do I do with this!!!!  Simple...excuse myself to the bathroom...flush...and wash...VERY VERY well!  OMG!  Dead Dog!

Ok...we survived...or did we????   As you all know Kaden is my fellow decorator.  Welll....Kaden needs to show everyone his room.  so we all head upstairs.  We see Kaden's room...and next stop...my room...however Lucy has beaten us there.  And....wait for it.....decided the best place to pee would be ON MY BED!  OMG>>>>>>>again...she has NEVER done this before!  WHAT is going on.  They are all coming to my room next....omg omg...what's a girl to do..BUT sweetly fold her hands behind her back, place them strategically over the PEE...and lean back on her bed...OMG.  My hands are not sitting in dog pee...and its soaking into my bed!  DEAD DOG!!!!!!  Yes..yes this is my room, yes yes its lovely...now move on PEOPLE!!!!  As they leave the room...I grab a candlestick off my bedside table...stick it under the quilt so it's off the bed...check the sheets..dry..ok, didn't soak through.  OMG!!!!!!!!

The remaining visit was dog doodoo free.  Lucy is still alive.  Just in case anyone was wondering!