What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

That Crazy Kid!

The other day I was busy cleaning...cleaning everything.  After I'd finish a room I'd give everything a good spray of Febreeze! With a dog and boys....it's a necessity!  Well...along comes Kaden.  He plopped himself on the couch and realized it felt wet!  Here's our conversation::

"Mom is that poison?"
"Yep it is!"
"Well I sat on it!"
"Great!  Now your butt is going to fall off!"
"Mommmmmmm....I dont wanttttttt my butt to fall off!"
"Kaden do you really think your butt's going to fall off?"
"Well your a nurse Mom.  You should know!  Soooooo....you DONT always tell me the truth!"

Hmmmm...wait until he finds out about the Easter Bunny, and Santa, and the Tooth Fairy...and that those towers...with the flashing red lights...are really cell phone towers...NOT Santa's Elves that keep an eye on children all year long!!!!

Tonight we went to watch Zachary coach basketball!  He coaches at the same school Kaden goes too!  The nice...Luthern...Private School!  The one I hope Kaden will still get to go to next week!!!  Seeeee....Zach let Kaden help him "keep the book!"  Kaden got to mark when the guys made baskets or fouls...which he took VERY seriously mind you!  He also will now always be sitting with Auntie Kris...who has a tendency to be the loud one at that games when it comes to cheering!  In fact...my Mother, who sat in front of us said she thougth, "who is the loud little person behind me!"  Then turned around to see it was Kaden!!!  Anyway...the game is almost over, and we are ahead.  Mr. Kaden is very excited...he turns to me and says, "Mom...Zach's plan is working really well!"  Ahhh yes, Zachs plan did work well, they won!!  Lol...However (and this is where I worry we may not be returning to our nice, Luthern private school)...after the game we went to the cafeteria for a snack. Kadens principal was there.  Kaden went over to give Mr. J some information!  "Mr. Jiter, I got to be Zachs BOOKY tonight!"  Yes...yes...a booky...my son..the six year old...was a booky, lol!!!!

I love that crazy little kid!


  1. Hmmm really no Santa? I know what'll be in your stocking...smile...

  2. Uh Oh! You will have to run for the hills when he discovers the facts.lol I love the fact he is Zachs booky!!!!!Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your fun family. All of mine will be together! Yipeeee

  3. When did you find out there was not Santa? really? I am shocked and so will Alex and Steven!!! hehehe.... got to love Kaden and what comes out of his mouth! a hoot! OLM

  4. Reflecting on everything I have to be thankful for and wishing abundant blessings for all my friends and family.
    ~May the good things in life be yours in abundance Not only at Thanksgiving but throughout the coming year~
    Simple Pleasures

  5. Hahaha! What a gem. He'll be there next week, shoot, they couldn't do without the little guy.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


  6. Such a wonderful story!! A "booky". The things kids say. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.