What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Little Decorator

As I've shared with many of you many times...my dear sweet baby boy has definite opinions regarding my decor!  Thank goodness he actually shares his Mom's decor style or we really could have some problems.  He may only be six...but he knows how he wants his house to look!  I have a lot of "things."  But that little guy will certainly be able to pick some little new thing out that I may have added!

So here's a few of his little decor funnies as of late.

Two weeks ago, I broke down and went to look at a big old Victorian home that's for sale in town.  It's a five bedroom two bath house priced at $69,000!  I knew for that price it would need a lot of fixing.  But I really just had to look.  I took Kaden along!  THAT was a treat.  We inspected the entire house.  Ladies...I loved it!  Absolutely loved it.  But for a single Mama on a limited budget...it just would require way to much money to fix.  My son had all kinds of opinions....here are a few:
"Well Mom...it really didn't need anything major fixed!"  (where we looking at the same house?)
As we are standing in the living room.."Mom where would we put our Christmas tree?" These are important questions!
Then after we had looked at it all..."Mom lets go outside and talk about this!"
Once home..."Mom lets sit down and talk about what we liked about the first house and the second house."  ( we looked at another the realtor thought we might like too...not so much!)

I was cracking up and going crazy for about a week after as he had all sorts of input on this house.  Ohhh ladies...if I could afford to fix it back to it's original splendor...I'd snatch that house up in a heart beat.  But I just cant afford it!  But I can guarantee I'll be dreaming about it for a long time to come!

THEN....a few other little decor funnies from the kid.

He and I were laying in my bed one morning and he asked if I liked the bedroom in the picture on my wall.  I said yes, I'd love that bedroom.  How about you would you like it.  His reply:
"Well it's kind of girlie, especially the curtains.  But I could probably find a few pieces that would work!"

Seriously...this kid is watching WAY to much HGTV!

Kaden spent New Years Eve at my sister Beths.  Beth has two little boys 9 and 5.  At night the boys were going to sleep on the floor in my sisters bedroom.  She doesn't get "cartoons" in her room.  Kaden wasn't worried and suggested they watch HGTV!  They all agreed it was a good idea.  My sister said she was just giggling listening to Kaden, who's six, and his nine year old cousin Landon discussing houses as they watched.  Which ones they liked, which they didn't, and what they did and didn't like about each!  Hey...I'm not complaining...it's WAY better than watching that stupid Sponge Bob cartoon!!

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Hi Katie, boy that Caiden is full of wisdom and so funny. I could just give him a big hug.
    And yes finding a place for a Christmas tree, is very important when thinking about getting a new home.
    Wishing you a blessed New Year.
    hugs, Lecia

  2. LOL how funny Katie, at least we know he will always have a little input on a home
    how sweet
    Happy New year

  3. Hey, good to see you posting. You are missed when you don't. Maybe you can get Kaden and Darbee Rae(http://hollyanddarbee.blogspot.com/) together! What a house!!!!!

  4. Oh I love hearing all about Kaden and his little mind...he does think like a grown up doesn't he.
    Bless his little heart...I see why he's such a good buddy to have around. JUST ADORABLE.
    Wishing for you this new year you find just the right home for you and Kaden (and for the other boys when they come home).

  5. Sounds like Kaden just calls it like he sees it! I'm sure he brings you lots of joy for sure!

  6. Hey there Katie!!! I was so happy to see you posted. Just enroll him into some carpentry classes and he will fix the house up for you:) What a sweetie. Life is no good without dreams. Half the time I am in a daydream of my own anyway:) -Steph-

  7. Hi Katie, isn't it just sweet how Kaden loves the things you do. Enjoy those moments and treasure them all! I think finding a place for the Christmas tree is of utmost importance! Have a great New year!
    Be blessed,

  8. He is so cute, definitely going to have an eye for decor as he grows, you should be proud, seems that you have raised an awesome bunch of guys! Hope you holidays were wonderful!

  9. I see a job on HGTV in his future :) Happy New Year!

  10. Nice to see you posting again!
    We've missed Kaden's adventures and advise!Of course we missed you too!
    No pics of the house you so adore??? Silly you ~ now you left us wondering what it looks like.
    Wishing you all the best in 2013!
    Prim Blessings

  11. Hello. Hope all is well and that you got your goodies. thanks, Laura