What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Friday, February 4, 2011

It's all about Zach...

I love getting phone calls from Zach.  Now that he lives a ways a way...he'll call every once and awhile and we have real conversations.  I love it.  I love hearing about his life.  And I love being able to talk to my son as an adult.  Because he's become an amazing one.  Tonight we talked about him moving into a house he'd like to rent.  It's three bedrooms. On ten acres and right next to hunting land.  It's about a half hour from his job.  What a perfect place for someone that loves to hunt.  Plus I know only to well how awesome it is to have yoru own space.  and I mean your very own.  He also told me he was checking out my blog and he thought it was neat.  EXCEPT of course it was all about Kaden.  So tonight..this one's for Zach.

Zach is my first born son.  I'll never forget the day he was born.  It was a snowstorm.  I was so worried that I'd end up inthe hospital for thanksgiving. I did not want rolled turkey and canned cranberries.  NOT that I ate cranberries anyway!  Zach was very good in that he waited until we had thanksgiving dinner before he decided it was time to be born.  I had a real thanksgiving...and then just needed to worry about throwing up!  My labor was quick for a first baby...I arrived at the hospital around 2 am and Zach was born by quarter to six.  It was back in the day when they took you to the delivery room.  I remember my Mom telling me it was close if they were taking me there...I was able to watch him being born in the mirror...and I will never forget his little boy parts coming out and saying it's a boy!  From that day on my life changed in a way only a Mother can know.

Zach has always been independant.  Even as an infant you couldn't rock him to sleep.  He would fuss until you put him in his bed..and then he'd fall asleep.  Once he got over colic, he was a great baby.  He was an amazing kid.  Stubborn...but everyone loved him.  He made friends easy.  And he cared about other people.  I remember him telling me how he didn't like the other kids teasing a boy that was chubby.  He loved sports.  and I mean loved them.  He knew every sports fact out there.  He played everythign he could and played well.  We went to a million baseball games, basketball games..and football games.  He even got to go to state for football and spit at Camp Randall Stadium.  Yes...yes..i did say spit!

Zach is far from perfect....but oh so perfect to me!  He worked his way through college and paid for it on his own.  He worked multiple jobs and never complained.  At least that I heard anyway.  And he had plenty of fun in his spare time.  I love hearing the stories of things he's done...well most of them anyway!

I love the man he's become.  He's the best big brother Kaden could ask for.  And he's so proud of his little brother.  He has a great job...and really went after what he wanted and got it!

Plain and simple..Zach deserves a post all about him.  Because hes an amazing kid...and I am so glad that God gave me him.  I love you Zachary Michael!!!

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