What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I happend to come across an article today about one of the head honcho's of JCrew.  Now I myself will browse the catalogs...but really...I'll shop at Old Navy and then still have money left over to add some more prims to my house!  I've noticed myself having a bit more "politcal" views in my old age.  Things I never use to blink at....maybe this article just hit me because I am the mom of boys.  And this was about this womans son.  There was aparently a picture, in their newest catalog, of a laughing Mom...and a beautiful laughing five year old boy.  Your thinking oh how cute...so where's the politics.  You ready for this....she was painting his toe nails pink.  Bessie call the coronoer this is the big one.  Or at least that was the opinion of many replies to this "horrendous" event.  This woman was accused of using her son to support transgender rolls, Dr. Keith Ablo..who I actually kinda liked..said the kid was going to need therapy because of this.  PLEASSSSEEEE people...painting this little boys nails pink is no more going to make him gay than...well....it's just not!  Could the article not just commented on the obvious pure enjoyment this Mom and son were having?  I mean really people come on...what HAS this world come to.  We have homeless children living in the streets, being beaten to death while neigbors listen but don't want to do anything...all sorts of horrible things happening..and were going to freak over nail polish???  Someone needs to be smucked upside the head.

Maybe this is just a sore spot with me anyway.  A few months back...Kaden's friend at daycare "got" a new baby sister.  He suddenly became obsessed with babies.  He wanted a baby..Well Mama taint going back there....so Mama found an adorable American Girl Bitty Baby twin boy on Ebay..that looked just like Kaden.  She got it for him...and he loves it.  NOW he doesn't take it everywhere he goes...he doens't even play with it on a daily..or even weekly basis for that matter.  But it does have a little basket it sleeps in...and he does every once in awhile get "Carson" out of his bed and pretend he is...ready for it....hold on....a MOM!!!!!!!  I asked him why he always wants to be a Mom...and his response..."Cuz Mom's get to do the best stuff!!!"  By the way...my son also goes through the knees of jeans at a biweekly rate because he's always driving cars and loves legos.  OMG...hes going to be a boy!!!!!!! 

Lighten up people.  Lets worry about the really important stuff...like the price of gas!


  1. I seen that on t.v the other day,just crazy isnt it.I remember when my nephew came over to play with my daughters and he was more than happy to play makeup and hair and I didnt have the slightest problem with it.little ones dont understand the steroetypes that people get labeled.my yougest daughter just got her first american girl doll for christmas.she just had to have her,looks just like her too.have a wonderful night!blessings michelle

  2. Good Morning Katie! I agree, lets concern ourselves with important issues...

    When my step-son was young, he would let his summer babysitter paint his toes....all different colors. He is a grown man now and there were no after effects...
    I think it's great that K has a doll, he'll be a well rounded young man some day. Heck, my daughter has a BB Gun, remote control cars and barn boots that aren't pink!
    Blessings, Traci

  3. I think we should concentrate on feeding the children like you said...no matter what color their little toenails are. ~*~Lisa