What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Usually my posts are about my small son.  He is quite entertaining.  I haven't posted for awhile..I know.  Summer just is so busy...and goes so fast!  But today..it's all about the big boys.

Seth...Seth is in love.  So very in love.  Agh.  He's 18.  A few months back my deodorant disappeared.  It was weird...it was just gone.  Then...it was back.  Then Jordan's girlfriend asked if she had left her deodorant at our house.  The deodorant that I had was hers...so mine was still MIA.  I bought new deodorant.  Fast forward time...and it disappears again...what the heck.  I am the only girl in this house.  What is happening to my deodorant.  Hmmm...apparently  Seth's girlfriend was out of deodorant...so he felt it was ok to take mine...for her!  Yea...I don't think so!!!!

So now..lets discuss friday morning.  Thursday I spent the day at my ex SIL's.  I put mascara on before I left.  Friday morning my mascara is gone.  I search everywhere.  I EVEN ask Seth...did you take my mascara (a question a mother should never have to ask her 18 yo son).  Nope...didn't do it.  I search some more...and it is just gone.  A little voice inside me said, "he took it, I know he did."  What oh what do you think is on the kitchen table this morning.  My masacara!  SETH PATRICK it is NOT ok to take my things for your girlfriend.  I don't care HOW in love you are...agh!  Really..I had boys so I would not have to worry about these things.  (Like I had a choice if I had boys or girls, lol)

THEN yesterday afternoon I get a phone call from my sister.."everything is ok, BUT...."  This is never a good beginning of  a conversation.  BUT..did you get a call from Zach's work.  Zach would be the 25 yo son.  The one who is becoming responsible...with a real job..and the ability to buy his own home...Yea that one.   "Ummm no..I didn't why?"  Sister says, "Well listen to this message."  This is so and so from the department of corrections(he's a social worker there, not an inmate, lol, just incase you were wondering)..Zach didn't report for work today and his car was found along side of the road.  This is unlike him, so we are worried.  We just wanted to know if he was ok.  We tried his Mom, but the number he gave is no longerin service!"  Excuse my french...but...WHAT THE HELL!!!!  To make a long story short...he DID call work, but apparently the message went to the wrog person...he ran in the ditch, got stuck, so left the car, went home, went to bed...and waited until morning to call a tow truck to get it out.  Unfortunately..he was more than stuck..he totalled his car..and someone else had already called and the car was towed.  Zachary is why I have gray hair.  I really can't afford to go the the stylist anymore than I already do...AAGGGHHH!!!!


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  1. I have missed you, so glad your son is alright. You sure never get bored, when you have kids, there is never a dull moment. Don't worry about the grey hair, I have them too, but afraid not to color my hair, he he