What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The A-Z on me

I've seen these that others have done, and they are fun!
A~ Age. 45.
B~Bed~  Queen sized Rusty metal headboard with a big old patchwork quilt and 8 yes 8 pillows...that doesn't include the 4 throw pillows!
C~Chore you hate. Laundry...it never ever ends
D~Dog~ I don't do well with dogs...but I love them.  I've owned MANY!
E~Essential start to my day~ COFFEE!.. My kids won't even talk to me until I've had a cup.  Poor little guy is still learning this!!!
F~ Favorite color~ Red, Red, and Red!
G~ gold or silver- both, gold in the winter, silver in the summer
H~Height. 5 foot 3 1/2-which I still don't believe because I've been 5'4 since I was in fourth grade!  Silly doctors and there misleading measurements.  (I've been told this about 6 times now..it's still hard to admit I'm shrinking, lol!)
I Instruments I play~  not a single one
J~ Job Title~  RN and Mom
K~ Kids~Jamie 26, Zachary 25, Jordan 21, Seth 18, and Kaden 5
L- Live in Clintonville, WI
M~Make of car~ Kia Sorento (I need a sock Monkey for it, lol!)
N~ nicknames~ My Dad would call me Katrinka, My Mom Kratie(she'd mix my sister Kris and I together when we were in trouble!)
O~ overnight hospital stay.~ Kidney stones, kids, and more kidney stones(I spent three days in drug induced oblivion, it was the best vacation ever, lol!  I was fed in bed, and had a catheter so I didn't even have to get out to go potty, hehe!!
P~ Pet Peeve~Conceited people
Q~ Quote from a movie "Frankly my darling..I don't give a damn"  No need to explain!
R~ right or left handed~ Left.
S~ Siblings~ Oldest of four, Sister Kris 43, Brother Pat 37, and Sister Beth 35
T ~ T.V. Shows~ House Hunters, Property Brothers, Army Wives, Grays Anatomy
U~ Underwear~ Yes, I like the suck you in kind!
V~ Vegetable you hate~ Lima beans, disgusting!
W~ What makes you late?  Everything...I haven't been early a day in my life..Will once I WAS the first Mom at school to pick up the kids!...Once...
X~ X-rays~knees, chest after car accident, dental
Y-Yummy food ~ I make a wonderful batch of Machine Shed potato Soup, AND an awesome Big Sandwich
Z-Zoo Animals-Hmm..never really thought of them.  Probably the bears, cuz I use to collect boyds bears!


  1. Katie,
    so wonderful to learn all of these awesome things about you!!! So glad most of all that you are my prim friend. hugs, Lecia

  2. Don't know how I missed your A~Z's! Just dress Kaden up for Halloween as a Sock Monkey, LOL...