What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Look at what I found...

in my Mom's garage!!!  I don't like my Mom's garage.  It scares me.  There are mice..it smells like moth balls.  And once...we are not positive...but we think there was a possum living in there, eating the cats food!  This summer my brother and sister decided enough was enough and they were cleaning out that garage.  So they did.  They through out the red chair I wanted to redo.  Mind you..the seat isn't finished yet...but here's what this was...and is now..once I rescued it from the "to the dump pile!"

this is before...it's not a very good pic..but you get the idea..  AND then this is after...again..it's not quite done, but I still had to share the garage finds!!

THEN while I was digging around..I found this amazing white cabinet.  Mind you I've never given this a second look.  It's been full of who knows what.  And I'm sure mice lived inside it!!!  BUT once the garage was cleaned and I saw the cabinet..I claimed it.  I  have no room for it right now.  BUT I told Mom it's mine..someday.  I only want two things from her now when she dies.  That cabinet (which I'm guessing I can get BEFORE she dies) and the clock from the cottage.  Oh wait...three...I want my old iron bed too, lol!!! 

I've been admiring the noodle boards and bread boards for awhile now.  I actually have a small one.  But really liked the ones on the stoves.  Mine is smaller than that.  I was at my sister in laws the other day..and she had found an old bread board at her Mom's.  She brought it home, cleaned it up..and had it on her stove with pumpkins and a candle.  I loved it.  THEN....while putting a shovel and rake in my Mom's not so scary any more garage...I remembered it...in the cabinet I'd claimed...hehehe....a bread board!  Ohhhh yea....Scored in the scary garage #2!  Here it is...in all it's glory in my kitchen.

I pretty much love it!  Plus I hardly ever cook, lol..so may as well use the stove for SOMETHING!!!

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