What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Saturday, October 29, 2011


So far it's been a wonderful fall weekend.  Kaden had off from school Thursday and Friday.  So I took off of work too.  Thursday was spent scrap booking with my Mom and Sisters.  I love to scrap..I just hate to pack everything up and take it anywhere.  I also don't like scrapping by myself, lol...I've been spoiled with the sisters scrapping events.  Sooo..I really don't do it nearly enough.  I only managed to get two pages done Thursday..One Halloween from last year, and one from the pumpkin patch this year.  Then we traveled to a local home where the gentleman that lives there does all these amazing pumpkin carvings.  He displays them throughout his yard for the public to come and see.  Wonderful work...and so much fun!

Friday I spent cleaning...not really fun..But my house is all ready for Halloween.  Kaden and I ended the day carving pumpkins!  Now THAT was fun.  I am not a pumpkin carver...not at all.  However I discovered the joy of the little pumpkin carving knife this year.  I will be using THAT again!  Good think I waited to wash the floor and vacuum until AFTER this even.  K had pumpkin seeds from one side of the house to the other..He was NOT thrilled with my carving techniques either..."Mom...that doesn't really look like the face I wanted."  Yea...well...lol...it's KINDA close, lol!!!

I tried something different this year.  I read about cutting the bottom out of your pumpkin instead of the top.  I tried it..I hate how the tops always shrivel up and fall into the pumpkins.  Also...this way I can just turn them around and let them finish out fall after Halloween.  I took jars and tipped them upside down, then put a flicker light on top and just set the pumpkins on them.  So far it's working just swimmingly!


  1. I bet Kaden had a blast! That is a good idea to cut a hole in the bottom. I'll have to try and remember that!

  2. What a happy face - he's lovin' the fun of pumpkin carving!
    Great tip to cut off the base - must try it!