What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Have I mentioned my son has a DEFINITE opinion as to how things should be decorated?  OK..I know..a few hundred times!  He is very detail oriented..AND he drives me crazy.  Because I have MY way I want things to look.  Ugh!!!  Hmmm...I wonder who he gets this from?  I can't take ALL the credit.  Because his Father was the same way.  It drove me crazy.  Notice the detail in one of my houses...that he has claimed as HIS house..for his cars...

I really did feel bad...he's been so excited about decorating.  I told him the day after Thanksgiving we would decorate.  Sooo...sometime before dawn...on Friday morning....farrrr to early considering we were up until midnight...a little voice shouted..MOM we get to decorate today.  OK...yes we do...where is my coffee.  Ohhh please...sweet sweet coffee.  In case you were wondering...Chi Chi's Mudslides go well in coffee when you are decorating with an opinionated five year old!!

I have many bins of Christmas decor.  I started by removing all the Thanksgiving things and fall.  That went well.  I moved one bin in at a time..at first.  But I have to move a set of chairs each time I did this.  So...I had the bright idea of moving all 6, 7, 8...bins in at once.  Kaden was very kind in removing EVERYTHING from said bins..at once.  Well...at least we had empty bins to put the thanksgiving and non Christmas items in.  AND nothing was broken.  So...besides the fact that mass chaos had NOTHING on us...we survived...kind of.

If I finished a display...Kaden moved it..added to it..took away from it..or just completely disassembled it.  I was loosing it...quickly.  I'd think I knew where something was....when I went to find it...it was gone.  Kaden found a GREAT place for it.  I gave him three...three nativity sets to set up.  I gave him things for his own room..I begged...I pleaded...I yelled...I gave numerous timeouts...I finally gave up..beaten and bruised.  I resorted to a corner in the living room...with my blankey..and the mudslides.  NOT in my coffee..NOT in my sippy cup..but the ENTIRE bottle...lol. I whimpered...

FINALLY...it was bed time.  OMG...another major life changing event.  I had to promise I wouldn't finish decorating until morning.  Oh yes Kaden..I most certainly WILL...(not).  He stayed away for HOURS making sure I didn't.  I resorted to watching Criminal Minds...while waiting...two episodes of it...I found it odd that I was relating to the perps!!!!   I put the bar down on my patio doors when I finally did go to bed...at 3 am..lol.  Not sure if it was to keep me from running or to keep the creeps out after watching Criminal Minds...Lol....

I was told...while it was trying to go to sleep.  That Santa would come in the dark..and he would wake me up.  I threatened sure death if this happened...I was told if I received black candles it was coal.  I was quite certain I would be getting MANY black candles.  Once morning did arrive...thank goodness not until 8:30 am...Santa couldn't find black candles.  I was told that if I received RED that was bad...guess what I got???  Ohhhh....Yea.....LOTS of red...I did manage to pull off a few displays..

Ahhh...wait a minute...that Santa was NOT on that bread board this morning....lol..oh boy!!

Next year I will be decorating on a school day!!  Merry Christmas Friends.


  1. OMGosh... how intense between the two of you during decorating. It's like that when hubby gets on my pc and I'm tapping my foot waiting for him to get off... lol... intense :-)
    I don't know if I could do kids again, so you're doing better than me sweetie :-)

  2. Oh my gosh. I would scream. I thought my two girls were bad. I just have to smile and let them do their thing and take it all apart while they are asleep. We did the tree last night and then after they went to bed I hurried and got what I could done with the rest. While they are at school I will do the rest and go shopping for more. My girls wanted me to wait for them but I said, "No. I have an idea of what I want and it's going to be done that way. You can help me put the things where I say they go."
    You Are a great Mom. He will remember these times with you always and drive his wife crazy someday. -Steph-