What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mom..do you think the snow will still be here...

I have one very excited little boy.  We had our first snow of the season yesterday.  And guess what..it's still snowing.  Oh yes, I certainly do have one very excited little boy.  Not so much for the Mom!  Not only was the snow exciting..but he also found out his best friend in the whole wide world gets to come home after school with us.  NOW if that isn't exciting I don't know what is!  So exciting in fact, that at 1:30 am I had a small boy come and get into my bed and talk until 2:30 am.  "Mom do you think the snow will still be here in the morning?  Mom do you think Blake and I can build a snowman tomorrow? Mom I can't wait for school tomorrow.  Mom..Mom...Mom..Had he not been so cute about it all..I may have gotten grouchy!  But who can resists a snugly little boy in their bed...filled with such excitement!  You can't help but feel it yourself! Well..until you look out the window and are reminded of the cold, and the slippery slow drive to work..BUT today is stay home day.  Hehe...so let it snow, and keep the boy happy!

I was a bit worried about what morning was going to be like.  I was certainly thinking I may have a crabby boy who didn't want to get out of bed.  Boy was I wrong...by 7 am he was up, dressed, fully loaded with winter garb..and out playing in the snow!  I had to threaten him sure hunger pains to get as much as a cup of chocolate milk down him for breakfast.  Check out the footprints in the snow...

Looks cold doesn't it, lol!!

He's had some other funny moments over the weekend I must share too:

‎"Mom since your so special would you do something for me?" (said with an impish grin) "Sure Kaden what can your "special" (ya go ahead I can just hear the type of special some are thinking) Mom do for you?" "Get me some chocolate milk?" Who can say no to that!!

‎"You know what Mom? I think I'll give you something since your my lovely Mom." He then walks over and gives me a huge hug and says "I love you!" Yep it's official..being a Mom is the BEST job in the entire world!!!

Ok..and the funniest..Kaden was a Dad.  His kids were sick:

Those are the sick kids!  He informed me that because his kids were sick, that he was going to sleep at the end of their bed so that he would know they were ok!  I told him how proud I was of him.  And that he was certainly going to be a wonderful Dad someday when he grew up.  His response: "Yea, but Mom I probably am not going to be very cute when I'm a Dad."  Me: "Why do you think you won't be cute when your a Dad?"  Kaden: "Cuz my Dad's not very cute.  He looks like an old rotten cookie!"  Mom:  Thinking this in her head, certainly not said aloud, "Well he is kind of crummy sometimes!"

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  1. Hello Katie.. I finally made it over here to your lovely blog... Thanks so much for posting my giveaway... You are so kind and have such a dear family.. We love boys here... smile.. We have five grandsons:)) One is named Jordan and one has the middle name James.. grin.. A little bit in common plus I see you love primitive.. It will be nice getting to know you.. I have two other dear friends in Wisconsin... Karen and Jackie... I see Karen is a follower..smile... And I am, too..