What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Monday, November 28, 2011

A VERY sad evening..

Sometimes being a Mom breaks your heart. Last night was one of those nights. Kaden and I were watching a Christmas program. There was a little girl that wanted a fluffy white puppy for Christmas. She shared her wish with Santa. The show played on..Kaden and I were busy playing cars. He'd built a little house in the woods. A.K.A: One of my saltbox house decorations..hid in a fern..with a road built by the boy!!

The movie ended..and it was bedtime.  It had been a long wonderful weekend.  But  a weekend filled with lots of fun..and not enough sleep.  At the end of the movie..the little girl got her wish from Santa.  A fluffy white puppy.  Happy ending right?  Ahhhh not so much around these parts!!

"Mom can we buy a new house so I can get a puppy?"  Sorry Kaden you need a lot of money to buy a new house and right now Mommy doesn't have a lot of money.  "Well I have a lot of money ($38 to be exact).  We can use my money!"  Honey we need WAY more money than even YOU have.  "Well I want a puppy."  I know you do...and someday we will get a new house and you can most certainly have a puppy.  "But I want one nowwww.  I just want a little puppy that will follow me around and lick my face.  I just KNOW I will NEVER have a puppy."  This is followed by sighs...then tears...then sobs...Ohhh the drama...Ohhh the heartache...Ohhhh the sad sad little boy.  All because of a fluffy white puppy!

They are cute...and I would LOVE for him to have a puppy.  Despite my bad dog luck..another story for another time...I then went into guilt mode.  Feeling sorry for myself because we live in this apartment(which mind you I do kinda love) and we can't have a dog.  Sorry for myself because this is NOT the life I thought we would have at this point in our lives (despite the fact that I LOVE my life)..I had to go smack myself up in the mirror and remind myself of those things.  AND also remind myself that children do NOT always get everything they want.  EVEN if it is a cute..soft....fluffy....white puppy!!!


  1. aww how sweet is he!Someday he will have a puppy Im sure.How about a hamster?My youngest has one and she does pretty good with it.Have a great day!hugs michelle

  2. Good to know I am not the only mom who has to slap herself out of "guilt mode"! Isn't life crazy? I'm not where I "pictured" we'd be at this point either...but it is good. And the love you have for your boys will mean so much more in their lives than gifts we can't give. Enjoy your week ~*~Lisa

  3. My children ask for pets (particularly the dog kind) at least once a week. We say no because it's like having another child and they ruin the house and yard. It's sad because now my 6 year old collects stuffed animals and calls them her pets, puts worms in her pocket to take home from the park for a pet, has pet ants and lady bugs, and beetles. She just asked for a gerbil. OOOO Gross. We dog sit once in a while and that cures it for a bit. Part of my heart does hurt for them though. A child should have a pet. Wish I lived in a house with a little more land and their dream would come true. -Steph-
    p.s.- The more I am getting older the more I realize that life never turns out the way you think it will.