What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Silly Boy...

Kaden has been at it again.  We have now watched Marly and Me so many times I no longer cry at the end!  We are talking at LEAST ten times people.  He just loves this movie.  It has however got him talking...So here we go, some of the latest from the kid..

"Mom do you think it's good luck or bad luck to get married in the snow?"

"Mom I want a honey." (honey is what he calls a girl you like)  I say, "Kaden you can have a honey whenever you'd like.  Is there a little girl in your class you like?"  Kaden: "Noooo Mom..I want a REAL wife!"

"Mom your making me immature!"  Said right before he burped a HUGE burp, and then asked me if I thougth it was huge!

"Mom you need to lose some weight. (As he jiggles the fat on my arm)  If you lost weight you'd be really pretty!" 

The other night he had a new babysitter.  Hailey...he loves Hailey.  He has pictures of Hailey in his bedroom.  Hailey is my god daughter.  Her Dad and my ex husband are brothers.  Hailey is a senior in high school.  Sooo...I left my work number so he could call me before he went to bed.  The phone rings at work...I see it's my number...so I "think" I'll impress him with my professional nurse answering voice..Me: "OB this is Katie, can I help you?"  Kaden: "Hi Mom..Did you know it was me?"  Me: "Yes Kaden I did know it was you.  I saw our number on my phone!" Kaden: "Then why did you answer it like I was  a patient?  Did you think I was having a baby or what!"  (This is all said in a very disgusted voice!)

"Mom I have some bad news for you. " Me: "Oh no..what?" Kaden: "Ally wasn't in school today." Me: "Was she sick?"  Kaden: "Nooo..I think she was at the dentist.  She needs to get a crown.  Do you know what  a crown is Mom?  It's a little cap on your tooth.  She has to get two.  She already has one. So now she has to get one more."  I'm pretty sure he know's way more about a females dental work than any man ever on the face of the earth!!!!

"Mom I can hear my chocolate milk jiggling inside of me."

"Mom Ally and Izzy got in a little fight today.  Izzy was sitting by me and Ally wanted to.  Izzy said I like Kaden..I want to sit by him.  Ally said but I like Kaden more..I want to sit by him. Mom everyone in my whole school likes me.  Everyone in the whole world likes me!"  When is it we stop feeling this way?  And please dear God let him feel this way for all his life!

Thought I"d share a picture of me when I was about his age...nursing my Uncle Jim!


  1. Oh my goodness, Kaden already has so much drama in his little life. How much influence does his big brothers have on his candid conversations I wonder? I see that he sure looks like his mommy when comparing your photos. Lucky boy :o)

  2. Love hearing about his antics! You sure were a cutie! Nursing back then even.

  3. Oh my Goodness! I just Love hearing his stories. I miss those days. My youngest is 11 and I don't get too many stories out of him anymore. Just alot of talking back to me. Of course his dad never says anything to him and lets him do what he wants, so he doesn't mind me most of the time. But that's a whole different story, Lol! What a cute picture of you! Enjoy your weekend, katie.

  4. I Love to hear stories about Kaden ~ to funny!
    My Granddaughter was on the Cat in the Hat movie kick ~ I told her Grandpa broke it, we would have to get a new one. When I finally let her watch it again she was mad and said it was the same movie not a new one!LOL
    I love Kadens comments when you answered the phone at work ~ gotta love it!
    You were a nurse back then? ~ your dreams and wishes must have come true!
    Enjoy ~ they grow up way to fast!
    See ya Monday!
    Prim Blessings

  5. Hi Katie, Kaden is a firecracker for sure. I just love that age, wish they would stay like that forever. They are so innocent yet so truthful and he is so darn cute, I could just give him a hug.

  6. Such a dear little boy and it is nice that you enjoy him so much.. You were a little cutie, too.. Blessings..

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  8. Oh, Katie. He is so precious. I just love reading all about his conversations with you. We don't get the "cute" drama around here. Just the screaming and fighting and carrying on that girls do. You know.
    I love the picture of you as a little girl. How cute you were:) Did you always want to be a nurse? And why OB? I love babies as much as the next, but that's a lot of blood and gross stuff. You are awesome.