What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Word Verification...

I have been complaining for weeks...I HATE the word verification thingy at the end of comments.  I seriously can never read what they say, and end up re typing numerous times before I finally get it right!  Well yesterday Felicia from Raggedy Creations had the BEST post ever!!!  How to great rid of those pesty little verifcations.  She had gotten the instructions from a fellow blogger.  So here you go ladies...if you too...want to end the frustration for your fellow blogging friends..when all they are trying to do is comment on your posts...are the instructions.  Thank you Felicia and Carmen!

How to deactivate (or activate) word verification

go to dashboard
click on settings
then click on comments
scroll down to: Show word verification for comments?
please select NO. :)
click save settings


  1. I got rid of mine a long time ago, when Linda Parker was on a mission to do away with them, they are now a lot harder to decipher! I tried to comment on someone's blog, yesterday and it would not work, no matter how many times I tried it....Yes, I agree....get rid of it! I had my long comment all typed out and it would not do anything when I clicked on the line to prove I wasn't a robot, several times!...I love the house!


  2. Love the house too. I got rid of mine. Thought I had when Linda was on her crusade too, but apparently hadn't. I have now.Can't wait to see inside.

  3. Yea, Katie, thanks for getting rid of the verification! Man, I wish I lived closer, I would help you move...I bet that cute house would be lots of fun to decorate! Hugs, Traci

  4. Thanks Katie, I am going to do that right now, I appreciate the info. hugs, Lecia

  5. I took it off a while ago... it is such pain.. I didn't realize they changed it and made it even harder, UGH! So glad everyone is getting the word out. oLM

  6. I too took it off a while ago when someone mentioned how bad they hated it.. grin..
    The new ones I just guess at and it always goes through for some reason..

  7. I disabled mine from the get go....never did like it and couldn't see much sense in it. And now that is has changed it has gotten worse.
    Thanks for posting this! Hope many more do it.

  8. Got it done:) Hey, I love the look of your blog, so fresh and springy and new. Your home is so beautiful. I wish we could all come and help you move in. I am so happy for you. How is the puppy hunt going? -Steph-