What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Long overdue thank you...and what to do...

I participated in Amy over at Bumble Bee Lanes Some Bunny Loves You swap.  Being camera less...I finally decided it may have been in one of those boxes that will never be found...so decided I MUST post pics with my phone!  Amy was my swap partner.  How fun to be able to get to know her better...and oohh la la what a swap it was!  This was my first swap..and Amy was great with my delayed mailing...with moving and all!  Thank you again Amy so very very much!  So..without further delay...here are the great goodies she sent me...

First this amazing little guy.  I LOVE his wire feet...(and that says a lot, lol..cuz I don't like feet)  He's keeping watch over the entire Easter thing atop my hutch in the living room!

Next are these amazingly cinnamon scented bunny tarts!  They smell delish...I can't melt them..So they will just sit there..smelling pretty!

Speaking of smelling great...this yummy yankee candle...

She also fed my need for bonnets...the black and white check bonnet...ohhh how I love it...second from the end!  Doesn't it look great with the others.  Anyone recognize any of these bonnets (Lecia, lol).

Ohhh and I'm not done...this little guy went MIA for awhile.  Seems Kaden didn't like me decorating without him. I did find him though...UGH.  Five year olds.

Isn't he a great little bunny...he really like sitting by Traci's doll!  

Amy also sent a pez dispenser for Kaden.  He loves those things!  I however have no clue where that might be...and seeing as I'm not allowed to touch things in his office..lol...will not post a pic!!!

Thank you again Amy...so very very much!  

Now..on to my windows.  I love these windows.  I'm just not sure what to do with them.  So I need all of your help.  I'd like  a bit more privacy...but don't want to block out all the beautiful sun.  Any ideas???


  1. You could put up lace cafe curtains, that go from the middle of the window down and valances at the top, the lace will let a lot of light in....Or long lace ones, that you can pull back to the sides when you want....Or make some wooden shutters with a cut out and put a prairie curtain at the top....I just ran out of ideas! Looks like you have shabby chic going on, so I think the lace would look good! Good luck!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  2. Glad you like your goodies.Can't believe 3 post in day from you..smile..It's ok I like visiting you.Windows are not my best decor asset so I suggest Pinterest to look for ideas.Hugs!~Amy

  3. Oh! Love your goodies! (And that picture behind the duckie! Been wanting one like that for so long!) LOL...I don't like feet either. Your windows are awesome-I agree with Karen-foldback shutters on the bottom and a valance that meets them in the window! ~*~Lisa

  4. What a fun swap. I saw what you gave Amy and couldn't wait to see what she gave you too. How fun. I am too afraid to enter into a swap. They have all these rules and things. Now I am not so sure of myself. Maybe a curtian that just goes over the bottom half of the window. Good luck. -Steph-

  5. My, you surely received a treasure chest. smile.
    Your place looks great and I don't like covering windows, either.. I have blinds that only come down when necessary and prim valances..
    That child up there is an Irish sweetie..

  6. You did well on your swap. Neat goodies. I have to have my windows covered at night. I have pull to the side and plain old shades that go to the top and are hidden until night time. Don't want anyone peeping in!(as if they would) It is also warmer in the winter. Can't wait to see more pictures of the house.

  7. Wonderful goodies you got from Amy!!! Don't ya just love her swaps? There the best!!!
    Not sure about the windows ~ I'm not a curtain person I have blinds on my windows and most of the time they are all open ~ if someone wants to see me in my underware ~ so be it!!!
    I'm sure what ever you do will be wonderful!!!
    Prim Blessings

  8. What cool swap things friend. But oh my what a sweetie pie above. So cute.I just love your windows. I love prim valances myself.
    Happy Spring
    Hugs Trace


  9. Good Morning Katie! Wonderful swap goodies you received from Amy! I'm not much help in the window department. I have blinds and valances.
    Enjoy your Spring day!!


  10. Wonderful swap goodies~ love your big windows~ I am not a very privacy person I have to have plenty of light shining in~ I think valances would be pretty~
    Oh, and your picture of the Amish girl & the Holstein with it snowing is one of my favorite picture of all time~ I purchased mine a long time ago, giggles when my entire kitchen was filled with Holstein cows, I am such a farm gal~