What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We are in...

the new house that is.  Unfortunately I've been working twelves the last three nights...so I haven't been able to unpack anything fun!  Only the essentials...plates, forks, lol...deodorant!  Kaden however has pulled a few things out here and there and decorated a thing or two!!  Imagine that!!! 


  1. Hope you get settled in fast.It'll be cozy in no time but get some rest first.I'm sure Kaden is doing a wonderful job with your decor..smile...

  2. Im with Amy get ya some rest and worry bout the rest later ...trust me it will be there when you get to it ! Enjoy your new home and kudos to Kaden ! hugs lil raggedy angie

    1. Glad you are moved in! Now the fun begins with all of the unpacking :) I have a son with the same name but it is spelled Kaedyn,and here we thought it was a rare name, lol. Enjoy your new home and have a great night!
      hugs. Trish

  3. Next thing we know he will have his own blog! Take care and we are all looking forward to pictures, in your own time.

  4. Well, what a little helper. He's probably anxious to get it decorated "his" way... lol.

  5. Oh what fun to decorate a new place! I bet he likes prim, too!


  6. Congratulations!!! How exciting to finally move in. I'm sure Kaden is doing a wonderful job ~ maybe he thinks the faster he gets it done the faster he gets his puppy!!!
    Take your time and enjoy ~ You'll have to show us some pics when you get settled in!!!
    Prim Blessings

  7. Glad your in! If Kaden decorates like my boys, you have Nerf vests hanging from peg racks and Nerf bullets everywhere you look. ~Ann

  8. Oh happy day!
    Beautiful home friend. So happy for you.
    Love Joy & Hugs


  9. Small steps! You knew your little decorator would kick it into gear, didn't you? LOL! Congrats! ~*~Lisa

  10. Glad to hear you're all moved in...take the unpacking one day at a time..it'll get done. Or you can just put Kaden in charge, LOL.. So happy for you and your family! Hugs,

  11. Yeah, soon you'll have it all fixed Katie.


  12. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Can't wait to see pictures of your house when you get settled and everything in it's place!!

  13. Yeah!!!! I am so stinking happy for you. I am a neat freak and have to have everything unpacked and placed ASAP. I bet working so much has been a killer. I hope you get some time to post pics. Even if it's unpacked and messy:) We don't care. It's nice to hear from you again.
    Have fun!! -Steph-