What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Display Chain...

I am not crafty.  I wish I was.  I still really do want to learn how to sew.  I drool over all of your beautiful fabrics, and amazing creations.  I have made a few small things..a heart makedoo that I really do love..and I've had luck with recreating a few pieces of furniture.  Soooo...without further adooo...I will share my crafting secrets with you all...

Lecia..  http://farmhouseprims.blogspot.com/

I am lucky enough to own about four of Lecia's bonnets, a doll, a stump doll, a little chick..and now, this beautiful dress.  Ladies the pictures doesn't even begin to do it justice!

Another of my best kept secrets....Traci

I have three of Traci's dolls, a beautiful prairie dress, a few rabbits, and well the swan...who has managed to keep his head intact!  There's a story that goes with fowl and me!!

Here's another new secret...thanks to my friend Robin over at The Primitive Hutch
told me about.  It's my new favorite shopping stop called Graceful Reminders in Appleton Wi.   Most of her items are OOAK..and oh so fun!  You can find her on facebook!

Ohh..and there is Mary.  Ohhh how I love dolls...

And nummy cookies from Oodlekadoodle Prims...

I'd been drooling over these little bonnets forever...and finally made a "long distance" purchase...From Angi over at Drakestone Prims...She also did the bonnets and millners head in Traci's pic..

I blame Carol..From Firecracker Kid..for the start of all this!  Had I never found her..I'd not have discovered the wonderful world of blogging..

Soooo...I guess...after all that...I'd have to same...my greatest crafting secret..is....



  1. I am with you on this~ it is amazing how many wonderful-talented folks are in blog land~ it gives us the advantage to travel about to different parts of the country but not leave home~

  2. Ha..Katie you are so funny! I was not expecting that secret, let alone be included. Have a Great Day... Hugs, Traci

  3. Katie, Now that, that cat is out of the bag! SO many wonderful artist out there, you have a wonderful collection! I have several goodies from Lecia, she's a doll! Traci, goodies from there too....as many others... OLM

  4. Giggles...Love all those girls too.Prim Pretty displays.Hugs!~Amy

  5. Hi Katie, You are the sweetest, my head just gets so big when you like my prims. I am no way as talented as the other girls that you have gotten prims from. I love, love all of your prims. And when I started my blog, I did no crafting at all, I just did it for the friendships, then I decided to try bonnets and that is all I made for along time, now I am branching out and even surprising myself, and I know before long you will be making more and more too! And well look at you refinishing that furniture, that it a talent. I wouldn't even know where to begin. I am so glad that you are my prim friend, prim hugs, Lecia

  6. Your secret is the best!!! So fast and easy. Your displays look so prim perfect. I am coveting. No way I could make all that. I better spend some dough too:) Thanks for sharing. Tweet dreams....Ha Ha.

  7. Now, THIS is a funny post!!You get quality, variety, and new friends with your tip!! :)--Jan

  8. Katie you are too funny. You have a nice collection of prims from some very talented ladies. I'm glad you like your doll. Mary

  9. Katie ~ you are just to funny!!! But boy do you have some wonderful tips!!!
    So Glad you liked Graceful Reminders!!!
    You have so many wonderful prims!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Prim Blessings

  10. I love it!! I came over from Misi's and now I am a new follower of your blog!
    Be blessed!

  11. I hear ya!! I'm with you on everything!! LOVE online shopping for prims!! MY favorite!!!

  12. Great post!! Thanks for sharing your "secrets"!! Love all the ladies you've listed & many more.

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  13. Kati, what a great twist on crafting secrets....I love this post.