What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Karen's Challenge...

I've been sneaking a peak at all the fun little posts about why everyone has started their blog.  Mine had nothing to do with prims!  Not even close.  It had nothing to do with finding more creative people like myself...because as you all know..I haven't a creative bone in my body!

Mine had everything to do with an amazing little by named Kaden that I was blessed with at the age of 40!  I was finished having babies.  13 years prior!  My "Old Baby", Seth, always told me he wanted a baby brother.  I always told him...not going to happen buddy!  Little did I know!  While the life "I" had planned for Kaden, the big boys, and I is nothing at all like the life I expected...the life God has given me is a good life.  And this little boy has given me more joy than I could possibly imagine.

When the big boys were little and they would say or do cute things...I would hear, you should write that down.  Of course I figured I'd remember everything forever.  Yea...not so much!  So this time...I was inspired by my old friend Rhea in California who had a blog.  I loved hers...and decided I can do this. I NEVER even expected to have followers!  It was for me to remember the things my little boy says and does..and that was it.

I NEVER expected to find so many friends that also share a love of primitive decorating.  Or feed my love of decorating with their one of a kind creations!  THAT was an added perk!  It still to this day amazes me that people come back time and time again to read my blog!  I mean I have nothing to offer..I make nothing...I don't do giveaways...it just awes me!

If I could say one thing to you Karen...it would be this...THANK YOU!  I often feel like...oh I don't have a picture of anything exciting, or I haven't made anything.  BUT getting back to the basics...doing this post...reminded me of WHY I started this blog.  To remember my baby boy growing up!  So post away Katie...even if you have no pictures! (Which I really usually don't because I STILL haven't gotten a new camera OR a new computer, lol!)

Thank you friends...for being you...and coming back from time to time!


  1. Hi Katie, I am so glad that you have a blog, otherwise we would have never met. And you are a wonderful prim friend! I love the little stories that you tell about Kayden, they make me laugh. I think you have a wonderful blog and love hearing about alltheseboys. hugs, Lecia

  2. Katie~ I just love kayden stories too, always get the giggles..You are such a sweet friend and I'm glad that I got to know you.Hugs!~Amy

  3. Hi Katie,
    What a beautiful post and I so admire you that you stuck to what you set out to do...there are so many bloggers that give up because they 'think' they don't have anything to say...I say YES YOU DO...we are all here for the same reason.
    To talk it out, to share, to remember...THANKS FOR POSTING AND JOINING MY CHALLENGE.

  4. I love stories! You don't need pics with stories! I have a 14 year gap with my kiddos. :) I'm so glad I found your blog!

  5. What a wonderful post, Katie!
    I Love Kaden's stories and I am so glad I found your Blog! We will have to meet in person one day and do lunch. (when life slows down, here)
    Take Care!

  6. I still remember reading one of your fist stories about Kaden and his cars and things all over the place in the living room. And that he liked to help you decorate his way. I love reading your blog. You are wonderful:)

  7. I remember the first time I read your blog, I laughed so hard! Kaden had done something so funny.(Can't remember what it was)I have enjoyed it ever since! So happy you started. Are we the only 2 non creative bloggers out here?lol

  8. Katie, a good story never needs pictures! And you have them! The mom of boys too.. never a daul moment! Keep them coming! OLM

  9. Well, those of us who follow you adore you, whether you're crafty or not. Your reason is a wonderful one for blogging and I'm sure you reach other mother's out there in similar situations as yours and are a comfort to them. I'm so glad I know you :)

  10. Katie I'm glad you started a blog otherwise we never would have met. I love reading about Kaden and his stories and especially his one liners that he comes up with. The video beating up a Chicago bear is my favorite!!