What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Am I so wrong....

In that I like to scare my kids???  Ok...maybe I am a little wrong...but it is kinda fun!  It all started when I was young....and scaring my brother.  He had a really deep closet in his bedroom.  My sister and I LOVED tormenting him by telling him there were monsters in his closet.  My parents didn't think it was anywhere near as funny...my brother slept with them until he was in third grade!

My Mom did get us back a few times though..like the time my sister and I were watching horror flicks...and had the couch moved up in front of the tv.  My Mom snuck up behind us and scared the bejeezers out of us.  Or the time she was trying to get Pat to finally sleep in his own bed...so she was laying down with him...and told Kris and I there was a leg crawling out of the attic door.

Maybe I should blame my Mom for enjoying tormenting the young uns!!

With Jamie and Zach it was playing bear.  I loved crawling up the stairs, growling...snarling..once the lights were out.  That was until the night one of them threw a shoe at me..hit me square in the mouth...and gave me a fat lip.  Imagine going to work and explaining that one!

Jordan scared over anything.  My favorite story is Jurassic Park.  It terrified him.  On the way home his little bitty baby brother and I had him sobbing and slobering in classic Jo fashion.  Seth would say.."Mom how fast can a TRex run...faster than the car?"  Oh yes Seth..way faster.  Then we'd hear Jo's slobbers from the back seat..."stop it..your scaring me...waaawaaa waaa."  I guess maybe that was a "little" wrong.  Or the time we were at the farm..and the cats were making...well those nasty horrible cat sounds..you know the ones.  And Seth was spending the night...Jo and I were leaving...and Jo was freaking out because of the sounds...I just kept telling him to get in the van...get inthe van.  He kept saying but Mom but Mom...I finally said, what what Jo...He said...but Mom what about Seth...Awww..he was worried about his little brother having to stay there with whatever that horrible creature was.  I just kept playing and said...Seth's on his own...GET in the car...hurry.  Followed by more slobber!

Kaden isn't even immune to my torment.  There was the time in Kmart I put the werewolf mask on and came around the corner...oh how Kris and I laughed when he shreaked and then flapped his arms.  Ok...Ok...so yes I am VERY wrong.

Then there's Seth.  Seth is afraid of nothing.  And I mean nothing.  Maybe it's because of being the "old baby" for so long and having three big brothers, all their friends, and two older male cousins to torment him all his life.   I truly can not think of one single time he was ever scared.  He barely ever even cried!  I dont know how many times I've told him to lock the door...and he doesn't.  Why?  What's gonna happen?  Grrrr...That WAS until last night.  He and Taylor watched The Exorcist.  Heheeeee....Guess what was locked this morning?  Ohhh yeaaa...the front door!  He was on his way to work so I texted him and told him, "Seth ya know...the devil can get through a locked door."  He told me to shut up!  I then texted him again..to tell him that he would be home alone tonight..allll allonneeee...in the dark.  He texted me back to tell me that he in fact would not be home alone...he would be at Taylors...with all the lights on.....and Clay Mathews!  OMG it's a miracle Seth is scared...and I've been giggling all morning!

Ok...Yep...I am totally wrong!!!!  But also thinking up new ways to scare Seth...heheheee

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