What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Saturday, September 10, 2011

911 Never Forget....

Where were you when the world stopped turning?  I'm sure we are all remembering this day that will forever be burned in your hearts,mind, and soul forever!  Our childrens, childrens, children will read about it in history books.  We...lived it. 

I'll never forget that day.  I had worked nights...and was sleeping before going in for my next shift.  My boyfriend at the time called me and told me to turn on the tv.  I sat there...in my bed....in disbelief.  Just as so many many others I'm sure did!  Stare.  What just happened.  I at first thought it was an accident...some drunked pilot (as we'd heard of this), or some freak accident.  But I NEVER thought terrorist.  I remember being shocked when the possibility was brought up. 

I sat in my bed. and I watched..for hours.  Until I had to get up and go to work.  and then...I sat in an unoccupied patient room for 12 more hours at work...only going out to take care of ...thank goodness one Mom and Baby that night...staying long enough to talk in disbelief about what happened...and watch even more. 

I had one of the most moving and unbelievable days in my life today.  My sister and I decided to do the Freedom Walk...in rememberance.  It was amazing.  The songs, the veterns, the doves, the 21 gun salute, everything.  Probably the most moving....Seeing my cousins name on the wall of those soldiers Wisconsin has lost..since 911. My cousin was one of the very first.  And there was his name...sureal.  the day was amazing...so many people.  All with their own stories of why they were walking.  I was even lucky enough to get to ride in the back of a police car!  Another story..for another time.

All this made me think about how 911 had personally changed my life.   Things...that I NEVER...on that fateful day would have thought of as I sat, in my bed, in my pajamas, twisting my hair. (I do this when I'm nervous...or tired.) 

My cousin..Warren Scott Hansen was killed in Mosul Iraq, on November 15, 2003.  The Blackhawk helicopter he was flying in was fired upon...the copter below him flew higher to get out of the gunfire, the two copters both ended up going down.  My cousin did not survive.  I will again never forget the call.  It was my sister.."Warrens helicopter went down."  Besides the reality of 911...the war was suppose to be quick, and easy, with minimal death.  My first reaction was, "well he's ok right?"  My sisters reply.."No, he died."  We went to my Aunt and Uncles.  We were there when they recieved the call from his commanding officer ...I will never forget the pain my Aunt endured....nor will I forget her amazing strength, that she has shown since.  I will never forget my Uncle, himself a Marine, who lost his leg in Viet Nam...standing by my Aunt...Her rock.  I've always loved my Uncle with all my heart...but seeing him then..seeing them both...seeing my cousins...gave me an entire new feeling towards them.  Not pity...although my heart still aches...but one of absolute honor...respect...and love.  The tears that ran down my 18 year old sons face at the funeral.  The soldiers standing guard at his casket.  The music.  The red white and blue balloons.  The stories.  And the procession...the lines and lines of cars that went to the cemetary...and the thousands of people that came out in our little town of Clintonville waving flags, tears running down their faces, and the little cub scout..dressed in his uniform, waving a flag, soluting.  It was a day of immense heartache...but it was a day of celebration...of celebrating Warren's life...and one of the most memorable days of my life.

So yes without 911...my cousin would still be here, and you can't help but wonder...what would his life be like.  He loved his country...he loved his job...and he was loved by so many.

Had 911 never happened...I wouldn't have my beautiful 5 year old little boy.  His Daddy was in the Navy.  He had been my high school sweetheart.  The one that got away.  I read on the internet (because I stalked him, lol...) that he was returing to the Middle East for the third time.  All I could think of was...I know lives are lost over there.  And it doesn't just happen to strangers.  So I sent him an email...just simply thank you for your service to our country.  I still think of you often.  God Bless you.  He sent me one back.  We met before he left...and fast forward a few years...we had our beautiful amazing little boy (at the age of 40 mind you!) Kaden Scott.  Kaden has brought so much to everyone's lives it's hard to even imagine.  Had it not been for 911...had Scott not been sent overseas...I never would have contacted him.  And I wouldn't have Kaden.  Yes...911 has changed my life.

I never would have moved to California...as that was where Scott was stationed as the Chief of Police for the Navy.  I wouldn't have had that amazing wonderful experience.  I wouldnt have put my toes in the Pacific...nor would I have tasted the amazing apple pie in the mountains of Julienne California.  I wouldnt have experienced Miramar(you know...where Tom Cruise filmed Top Gun), I wouldnt have experienced San Diego.  I wouldn't have met the most amazing people that I did when I was there.  Rhea...Jackie...Tiana..Steven...and all my coworkes at the assisted living.  I wouldn't be able to say I went to the Wild Animal Park, or survived a couple earth quakes! 

My sons wouldn't have had those experiences either.  My oldest son wouldn't have discovered his love for golf.  My middle son...his extreme distaste for big cities, lol!! 

I wouldn't have been able to spend an entire summer,sitting on my Mom's porch sipping coffee and watching my little boy grow up.  I wouldn't have started my job at the Home Health Agency and met all the amazing friends that I have now.

Yes....I never thought on that fateful day...how MY life would change...because of terrorists.  BUT as President Bush so eloquently put it..and forgive me because I can't quote him word for word...But the terrorists wanted to scare us...to turn us against each other.  To put fear in our hearts and souls.  But WE are the United States of America.  We are the most amazing greatest nation ever.  We are Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and Friends....and we are strong.  We are united.  We are Americans.  911 did change our lives...all our lives...but even that horrible horrible event...lead to some even more amazing stories of love...yes...truly...the greatest of these is love. They (terrorists) did not succeed!



  1. Oh Katie, so beautifully written. I read this with tears in my eyes.

  2. Hi Katie! Nice to meet you! I found you through Carol, 'Firecracker Kid'!
    Like you, I was blessed a month before my 43rd birthday with a special package; boy and girl twins! YIKES!! They are now 6 and growing like weeds! Aren't those 'late in life babies' such a blessing?!!