What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Growing Up...

Thursdays are stay home days.  Now however that the boy is in kindergarten..they are "Mommy" days.  I am sitting..all alone..sipping coffee...checking in on my favorite bloggers.  My sister and I plan on taking a walk today and then hitting our favorite prim shop.  Apparently sis checked it out the other day and it's plum full of new fall decor.  The BEST part..sis gave me a $50 gift certificate from there awhile back for helping her with some decorating.  So what's better than prim shopping...than prim shopping without spending any money.  Lol..silly me...thinking I may end up having to open up the check book!

It's a beautiful fall day here.  The temps are crisp..but the sun is out.  I started off leafing through my Primitive Place magazine.  My SIL has finally returned it!!  She has MANY pages marked that she'd like me to copy for her!!  I think she likes the magazine!  Now I'm in the mood to decorate for fall.  I think that's what I'm spending my weekend doing.  Have I mentioned I love fall?

My SIL picks Kaden up on thursday mornings and takes him to school.  Then I pick the kids up and take them home.  This am my dear 5 yo son..decided I didn't need to wait outside with him for "the Schroeder Bus"..but I could wait inside and look out the window.  He's growing up  way to fast.  He also woke up at 6:10 am.  Wayyy earlier than he needed to.  I asked why he woke up so early..His response.."I wanted to talk with you about what I do at school."  This kid is good...WAY to good...lol.  He was told my his teacher at the beginning of the year that he needs to tell his parents three things he does in school everyday.  I ask every night...and he's vague...to say the least.  So what better way to butter up a half asleep Mama...lets talk about what I do in school.  Again I say...hes good..wayyy to good for five!!!  He also informed me many times how much he loves me.  THEN he informed me what he doesn't like about me...lol...apparently he doesn't like it when I get out the red "fatula".  In fact he HATES that, lol!  Hmmm....

Time to hit the shower and get some fall prim shopping done!  Have a wonderful thursday friends.

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  1. Katie, I think maybe, just maybe the older boys are having an influence on little K! Some of the things he does and says just crack me up..

    Enjoy your day with your sis and have fun spending that $50.00, what a sweet gift....can't wait to see your fall home all decorated

    Hugs & Happiness,