What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mom I had a great day!

The very words out of my kindergartener's mouth when I picked him up from school.  Aunt Rosie was there picking up the girls too.  She had to wait to see Kaden and ask how his day went.  Little Kaitlyn had a little pink back pack on wheels.  Rosie said she was very sad this morning when she couldn't go to school too! 

Once home Kaden decided he wanted to be a bird.  He wanted me to make him a bird cage..but wasn't liking my ideas.  I told him under the table would be a good spot.  His response.."Mom who would put a bird under the table!"  I guess it wasn't a good idea after all.

THEN he asked, "Mom why didn't you hug me one more time when I asked you too."  I explained I thought it was best I just leave, as he was crying.  And I knew he'd have a great day once I left.  His response, "Mom you wanted to leave you little boy when he was crying?"  Yes, yes, I am a very cruel heartless Mom! Lol.

Check out my new Home Sweet Home pics.  I updated my album with current pics. 

Blogger prim friends...can you find any of your items in my house???

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