What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ugghh...all I smell is Banana Nut Bread

I have fell in love with tart warmers.  I've ordered some tarts off Etsy..bought some at favorite shops, and recently discovered Scentsy...which I like too.  I have to admit though..my favorites have always been those I've bought through Prim shops.  So...today while shopping with my sister I found a couple scents I liked.  I decided on one..Coffee Cake and Spice.  It smelled wonderful. I was a bit leary..because I'd bought this same type once before..and while I loved the way they smelled in the container...melting one smelt wonderful...one smelt like dirty feet.  Yeaaa...really!   So I'm sitting here relaxing and put my new scents in my warmer in my kitchen and livingroom which are open to each other.  Waiting...to smell the amazing smell.

I also put a Banana Nut bread in the warmer in my bedroom...and bathroom.  Banana nut bread is ok...but a little to sweet and not enough spice for me.  So...bedroom and bathroom are a good spot to use it up.

All I smell is Banana Nut Bread...UGH!!!!  All the way (mind you I live in a two bedroom apartment so its REALLY far) out here in the livingroom.

So...guess I won't buy this particular brand of melt again.  Lol.  Oh well..at least it doesn't smell like dirty feet! Which reminds me...the baby needs a bath!


  1. Hi Katie, well I would like the way your house smells, Banana Bread is one of my favorites. Although I have one candle (that scent) that stinks, doesn't smell like banana bread at all...

    You'll have to stick those tarts in the garage, LOL...


  2. P.S. Love the pic of you and the kids at the top....so cute!

  3. Oh Katie, I know what you mean as hubby and I have a time finding good smelling candles and have tried some that wasn't what we expected. It's a gamble for sure. Right now we're happy with banana nut bread :-) So are you saying baby has stinky feet? LOL.