What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My little decorator..

I believe I've mentioned before that my dear sweet baby boy has a definate opinion on my decor.  He does think we have a "beautiful" apartment.  However he's asked me numerous times what it is I DONT like about this apartment.  I always tell him the same things...I wish the washer and dryer were IN the apartment.  AND I wish I could paint because I HATE white walls!  Soo...as I mentioned in my earlier post, thursday I had a little scrapping gathering here.  Kaden and I had had a rough morning.  He wanted to be a puppy.  I wanted him to get ready for school.  He was in the bathroom...messing around...I needed him to get up so I could brush his teeth, wash his face, and comb his hair.  He wouldn't...so I grabbed his arm to pull him up.  I hurt his feelings...horribly.  UGH!  So...because he was not happy...He informed me that "I hope when everyone comes here today they think your apartment is UGLY because it has WHITE WALLS!!! (ok, Im laughing hysterically here) and they don't like white walls.  THEY all have colored walls!"  Ohhh boy....thank you very much Papa Scott for giving your child the "I have an opinion as to what goes into my homes decore gene!" (that's another story entirely)I did get him out the door mind you.  However I can over hear him as he's getting into Aunt Rosies van..."dont make me angry today cuz my MOM already did this morning!"  Again..I"m pretty much cracking up.  So our day proceeds...

I make a few cards.  I like my cards.  They are quite "fallish."  I decide I can make my own fall picture to put in a little frame for fall.  So I do.  I then later in the day go to a local store and buy two little pumpkins that have an ugly design on one side..but are cute if you turn them.

  And a little thing of flowers.  I put them on my little table that holds my tv hutch door open.(yea another story).

Of course the NEXT morning..once again...as we are trying to get out the door for work and school.  The decor gene kicks into the five year old.  Oh yes, this really was our argument at 630 am.  "Mom why don't you turn these pumpkins around so you see the decorations on them.  It's really cute.."  Because Kaden, I think they are ugly.  "But Mom they look better like this."  Kaden I don't want them like that I don't like them like that.  "Well I do Mom.  It looks better that way."

We finally get out the door.  He goes to daycare and school.  I go to work.  I ended up working late, so Uncle Pat picked him up from daycare and took him to the birthday party at Auntie Beth's house.  I was telling the story...and everyone was laughing.  Then they asked...so which way are the pumpkins?  I honestly didn't know.  I told them I'd have to check when I got home.  So later that night (before I started searching for the lost bonnet) I looked.  Where were the pumpkins? I didn't see them.  He probably hid them on me.  He's done that (remember, that's what I thought may have happened to my bonnet!)  THEN I saw THEM..he had turned them...and stuck them BEHIND the picture...I suppose thinking I wouldn't notice them as easily....

Yea...this is what I found.  God help me.  Lol....THAT KID!!!

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  1. OMG! Kaden is so funny (love the white wall bit). I needed a chuckle today and I came to the right place.

    Love the way your pumpkin pictue turned out......and the hiding pumpkins.

    Give Kaden a squeeze for me....