What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Have you ever wanted to punch Santa???

I shared the fluffy white puppy saga with you.  WELL...I have another story!  Today was the local Christmas Parade.   I took Kaden and my three nieces to the parade! 

Santa arrived via firetruck!  After the parade Santa went to the Senior Center and the kids were able to go visit him! I however was lucky enough to have my phone battery die...and only got one picture!  I really need to ask Santa for a new camera!!

The kids rehearsed what they were going to ask Santa for while we waited in line.  Kaden..was going to ask him for a...ohhh yea...you guessed it...a fluffy white puppy that would follow him around...sleep with him...and only listen to him NOT me.  He wasn't sure what kind of dog this is...but cousin Emily helped him...a terrier!!  Sooo...he gets up on Santa's lap..and tells him he wants a white terrier that will follow him around. WHAT is it you ask that Santa's response was??? 
Are you freaking kidding me??  Santa do you KNOW who you just told this too??  Kaden was practically flying out of there.  Santa said he would be waiting under the tree for me!  Mom we need to find a new house, cuz what are we going to do when I get my puppy?  My dear sweet niece Kailey offered her house to us!!  See this worked well for her, as she was told NOT to ask Santa for a puppy...via her Mother.  I did hear "doberman puppy" out of her mouth though.  And I do believe Emily asked for a Yorkie!  Kaitlyn asked for a titty tat...I guess the 15 they have are not enough! Lol!!

OK..back to Santa..WHO is this guy.  WHY would he tell a five year old this?  I SWEAR he must have known me.  Maybe I dated him years ago and dumped him.  His way of getting back!!!  Maybe I was mean to him in high school.  Maybe I stole his lunch money, or picked on his wife.  WHO am I kidding...I'm a nice girl...I have always been nice.  I wasn't mean, nor did I ever steal lunch money.  So WHO is this Santa.  AND AFTER the movie where the little girl got her puppy.
Ohhh what am I going to do.  It's going to be a very sad Christmas!!!!
Stupid Santa. I still want to punch him!


  1. Katie, don't panic! Find one of the battery puppies. Santa didn't tell him it would be live! If the battery puppy doesn't work out, I guess you'll have a real beef with Santa. lol Loved the story, but poor Kaden. I have some dog food coupons I can send you!

  2. Better find him the biggest stuffed white dog that you can. Life sized maybe. I am sorry. Really, that's not funny. -Steph-