What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Friday, January 20, 2012


Kaden has been home the past two days.  He came home from school on Wednesday with a horrible cough.  The temps here have been below zero. He's felt fine, but sounds terrible.  Sooo...I've kept him home.  He does sound much better today.

Having him home though...has given my the joy of hearing all those crazy little things he has to say.  I can tell you I've laughed right out loud more than once.  He's been a teacher, a puppy, a Mom, a Dad, and just plain ole Kaden driving cars all over.  He was thrilled to turn some of my little lamps on and let me know if the lights were on it meant his "guys" were home at their houses!  He's pulled the couch out, stuck a stool in front of it..and informed me it's his dog kennel.  He's told me when he's a Dad he's going to get married.  I asked him who he was going to marry.  He wasn't sure...but he did know she's going to be "REALLY pretty!" 

This morning...we had the tv on.  There was  a commercial on...Kaden watched intently.  After...he announced.."Mom you need that?  I asked why.  His response..."Cuz you have that stuff."  You know what it was.....

Apparenly my son does not agree with my senior class mates who voted me most likely to be the noxema cover girl!!!  Lol..seriosly..I never had a pimple EVER as a teenager.  Now however..at the ripe ole age of 45...ZITS!!!! 


  1. Hi Kate, hope your little one feels better soon...I'm just now getting over that bug. Had it over 2 weeks.
    Cute post.

  2. My girls saw that commercial and said "Mom, you need to get that stuff, then your sores will get better". Not a proud moment for me. Kids are so brutaly honest. Ugh. What a pain in the but. Hope Kaden is able to go to school next week. How fun to spen quality time together. Stay warm. -Steph-

  3. Hi Kate.. Poor wee Kaden.. I hate coughs... Gross.. I always enjoyed when the kids stayed home if they were not too sick.. grin..
    Keep warm ...

  4. Kaden has the ability to see beyond the surface!lol After all he got you a house, didn't he? Love their imaginations. It is wonderful the things he comes up with.

  5. He is too funny! I've been thinking about getting the same product from the TV infomercial - I'm the same age as you, never had acne before now but OMG my forehead is terrible! I really could do without this! ~Ann

  6. Hope you little buddy is feeling better. What a little pistol.
    Hugs Trace