What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

That kid..

Every night lately has been a hassle getting one small boy to bed. He insists he can not sleep in his top bunk as it's too hot.  I am looking forward to moving day...as he and Seth will no longer share a room.  He will then be able to sleep in the not so hot bottom bunk.  MANY a nights...he somehow manages to make his way into my bed.  Sooo..last night..this is what I found when I went to bed...

He sure looks comfy doesn't he??? 

Tonight Brother Zach came over to play again.  I'm not sure if he's coming because he likes my cooking..or he likes playing with Kaden...but whichever it is..it sure is nice to have him around.  ANYWAY...last night the two of them developed this football game.  They line up little plastic football guys and then snap them at each other.  Whoever has the most standing in the end wins.  Kaden does not like to lose.  Zach has no mercy..even if he is only playing a five year old.  Tonight Kaden asked me if I wanted to play too.  (He and Zach had already beaten me at a game of Risk).  I told him there were only two teams...so he and Zach could play and I'd be the cheerleader.  His response...."Ummm...Mommm....you are not sexy enough!!!" 

Yea...still not sure what to say about THAT!!!  Lol...He also wanted to know if he could write on a container top tonight.  I said go ahead...as it was for some of his toys anyway.  He was using a permanent marker...I've never been more glad a kid wrote on something with permanent maker in my life.  This is what he drew.  I absolutely love it..

Don't you just love the fingers and toes, lol!!  After he drew this he asked me which one I thought was the prettiest.  I sad the Mom..he told me he thought the Dad was cuz the Mom had a pimple.  I looked closer...and sure enough..she does!  Lol..

Snow day at work tonight...which actually means low census..not enough patients for nurses.  I have a very capable nurse on...with a very capable supervisor that use to work OB...so I doubt I'll get any 2 am calls to come in...I always said low census was like a snow day.  I use to give my big boys three low census days a year.  They could just ask for one...and stay home from school just because.  It's funny because I remember years ago telling a coworker about that..and the other day she was saying something about her daughter staying home on low census....here she still does that after all these years!!!  Cute.

Have a wonderful Wednesday friends.


  1. That picture is so sweet. The fingers kill me. I can't wait for my baby to start drawing!! I miss those sweet pictures. I need a low census day, but instead I get to take care of puking kids today:( Feel sorry for the poor things. Can't wait for you too move too. So, did you move him or sleep on the couch? -Steph-

  2. Love Kaden's artwork, too cute. If he is anything like my daughter...you DON'T want to sleep with him...she kicks and thrashes something terrible, LOL. Hugs, Traci

    p.s. I think you'd make one sexy cheerleader ;)

  3. When my daughter was little she always slept in our bed ~ I kinda miss that.
    Love Kaden's artwork ~ so precious!
    Prim Blessings