What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Sunday, February 5, 2012

That Boy..

Before I get to crazy K..I have to share a "naughty" funny I read the other day.  Now..I am not married anymore..but I was..so I DO know what this is all about!!  Here goes..if you are shy...don't read any farther....

Do you know what the most popular "position" is for married couples?  Doggy style...The husband sits up and begs...the wife rolls over and plays dead.  I'm still giggling!

Ok..on to the boy..not sure if it's "right" to tell such a joke and then talk about my five year old in the same post, lol!!!

Today Kaden was playing with his cousins.  Landon is 8 and Carson is 4.  They were in my Mom's bedroom..and pretty soon Kaden came out..to get..."a hot chick magazine!"  You know what magazine he took...LLBean!!!  Yea..only my son would look for hot chicks in LLBean!

Last night Kaden got sick.  He managed to cover my bathroom with nasty "stuff!"  This morning he said to me.."I puked last night.  That's why I look so rough today!"

He also informed me on the way to my Mom's.."When I was a baby I thought the moon was God's head.  Now I know it's not."

He also informed me.."Mom..my favorite part of puking was I got to stay up later!"  WHO the heck has a favorite part of puking!!!

Early today he was the "Dad" and I was the Mom...he was yelling at me from my bedroom..."Sweetie...Sweetie...I'm going to lay in my bed for awhile.  I just need to think a little."  Do I say that????

And now...as I sit here on my computer...typing away..Seth, my 18 year old..walked by..rubbed my head..and said..Night Mom...Love ya.

Have I mentioned I love my life?????


  1. Giggling from the joke. Kaden must really keep you thinking...smile..Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Well I love reading about your life! You are blessed. I love it when grown up kids will still say I love you! My grandkids still say it to me and it makes me so happy. When Curt played High School Baseball he would tell us that at every game. You have done something right. Still think on the favorite part of puking!lol

  3. You have some great boys. Love all the stories. I bought the book you were talking about 90 minutes in Heaven.Looking forward to reading it.


  4. What would we do without kids.....and puke? We just got a kitty from the shelter Saturday. Our first pet since my oldest was a baby. They are besides themselves. It can't come home until has been fixed though. It will be done on Tuesday and can come home on Wednesday. We had to explain to the girls what spayed meant, and that it couldn't have babies anymore. Then my middle who is six says "oh, is that what they do to Grandma's"? I am glad you are relishing in the now with Kaden, and then having an older one around to keep company with must be great for you.
    Have a great weekend and thanks for all your visits. I so look forward to them. -Steph-

  5. OMGosh! I always get a kick outta reading your blog. That Kaden, he's soaking up all the wrong info into that lil brain of his... LOL.
    Love that lil nasty too :) I remember those days. Of begging I mean!