What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's gonna be a good day...

It's gonna be a good good day!  I'm so excited.  Tomorrow a wonderful blogging friend...Robin at The Primitive Hutch and I are going to be doing some treasure hunting together!!!  Ohhh yes...we found out we don't live to far apart...so we are going to go and check out the new shop I posted on sunday.  I am soooo excited.  Robin is excited too...hehe..  I can NOT wait to meet Robin and share our love of prims...I wonder what kind of trouble we may find tomorrow. 

NOW there is only one small thing that COULD throw a glitch in our plans...apparently..sometime...in the wee hours of the night...while working...I thought I should take call tonight.  WHAT???  Seriously must have been half asleep when I did THAT.  So ladies..would you please keep your fingers and toes crossed that OB land stays peaceful this evening and I do NOT have to go to work.

I'll see you tomorrow morning Robin!

NEXT...I have another little fun thing to share.  Go on over and see Kim at The Barn Hollow.  She's having a wonderful giveaway...This adorable little guy.

There's easy access to Kim on my sidebar!!

Have a super duper remainder of your thursday friends!  Katie


  1. Sounds like super fun..Wish I could go too!!
    Fingers crossed for you!
    Hugs Trace


  2. Cross my fingers? You should tell those expectant mothers to cross their legs! Have fun at the new store with a new friend. Can't wait to hear about your adventures. ~Ann

  3. Oh my gosh. How exciting:) I am happy you get to meet Robin. I hope you take pictures of your trip together. I bet you could get in a mess of trouble. Don't keep the fingers crossed, tell the ladies to keep thier legs crossed, then you will be fine. I signed up for that precious give away today too. I would say good luck to you with it but.....that would hurt my chances of winning. Ha Ha. J/K Good luck. -Steph-

  4. Oh Katie ~I'm so jealous! You girls will have a blast! Hope you find some great goodies.Hugs!~Amy

  5. How fun!!!! Do we get to here about it! I am doing that next weekend, the 18th,with Carmen at Primcats. I can't wait. I love the prim shopping in Ohio.
    Hugs...and love your header picture!

  6. Oh Katie ~ such a bummer we couldn't go :(
    Hopefully soon ~ we can get together.
    Keep in touch.
    Prim Blessings

  7. I was just going to say have a great time, but I realize now you guys didn't get to go becuase of the weather...bummer! Hopefully soon! OLM

  8. Good luck on your treasure hunting- keep us posted. Have a great weekend :)

  9. Good morning Katie...goodness I just read Robin's post and you two missed getting together...darn it! I know you both were looking so forward to it.
    We had tons of snow here yesterday and it really blew...lots of white outs.

    I'm trying to organize a WISCONSIN BLOGGERS GATHERING for sometime this summer...in hopes that we can get as many as possible.
    I think there's like 10 of us so far...pretty cool huh?
    Only thing is it needs to be centralized and where there are shops and restaurants...down here in the corner of WI we have nothing that would make for a fun day.
    So please keep it in mind...if you are interested in hopes that we might be able to do this just e-mail me from my blog and I'll put your name on the list!