What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Display Chain...

When I saw the theme of  this...Misi's final Tuesday display chain I knew I had to join in.  NOT because I have beautiful gardens...BUT because last week Kaden came home singing this nursery rhyme.

Mary Mary Quite Contrary How Does Your Garden Grow....
With Silver Bells and Taco Shells....

Ahh yes...So here ladies...is my take on this weeks chain:

I love this old birdhouse.  I think he wants some flowers to make him look all perty like!

This bucket hangs from an old pump...it's just begging for some geraniums to liven it up!

Lilacs getting ready to bloom...

Carpets of little violets in the back yard...

Hostas just waking up from a long winters nap....

Here in Wisconsin it's really to cold to get any flowers yet.  I usually save that for Mothers' day weekend.  Problem is...my allergies.  They are horrible.  I am quite sure they keep getting worse year after year.  Just taking the dog out makes me miserable.  Soooo...If I chose to go and play in any of this...Mary Needs these....

I also wanted to share some pictures of the beautiful roses we had when we lived in California.  I will never forget the last time I went out and worked in them.  I seriously was afraid I was going to stop breathing.  I came in the house...huffing and puffing...my eyes and face were bright red and swelled...I felt like I was on fire!!!!  I actually told Zach I was going to take a shower and not to go to sleep until I came out and new I was ok!  It was the last time I ever truly "gardened!"

I giggle when I see these...because it makes me think of lizards and rattle snakes!  Yes...we had both!!  And I was still brave enough to dig in there and play in the dirt.  However I did NOT go into the front often.  We had an orchard there..complete with orange, lemon, grapfruit, apple, and peach treas.  I figured it was a paradise fit for rattle snakes to eat!  So I'd make a ton of banging and clattering before I ventured down there!!!!

Thank you again Misi for all the work you've put into these wonderful chains!!!


  1. Hi Katie... That first little house is a darling home for butterflies I believe. Your rose garden in CA are so beautiful, I've never had a knack for growing them, but I think they are so pretty. I do have a couple mini ones that seem to survive the winters here.

    Sure hope you get over your allergies, umm, I mean cold soon, feel better friend :) Hugs & Chicken Soup, Traci
    psst...love the way Kaden sings the song, hehe

  2. Cute birdhouse Katie. I think it would be perfect with some pretty flowers around it. Lilacs are my favorite. I used to pick big bunches of them and put them on the kitchen table before we moved to our new home. I tried to plant some here at the new house but they just died:( It is very hard to grow anything in this soil. I have allergies in the fall when they start to plow up the grain. I feel your pain. My neighbor has allergies like yours where she has to use the inhaler. Some days she can't even go out. I would love to like where we could grow some major fruit. I love the heat:) The roses are beautiful and the palm trees are calling my name. Thanks for the post. -Steph-

  3. Katie,

    well that sucks that your allergies take all the fun out of gardening, ugh!!! though your roses were beautiful!!!! OLM

  4. I hear ya on the allergies...mine have gotten worse as I get older! Your gardens in CA are just beautiful!! Oh the view...sigh!
    Thanks for joining in!!

  5. Such a cool post. Oh the rose garden.
    But Kayden really has me wanting tacos now.:)


  6. Hmmm where are the taco shells? LoL..Your new gardens seem pretty in place will be interesting to see what pops up.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. thanks for sharing all of your beautiful pictures. I love the bucket hanging on the pump esp. Love those roses, I never had much luck with roses but love them. Hugs, Lecia

  8. I love your depiction of Misi's display chain...you did a fantastic job.
    What a lovely area and home you had in California...beautiful.
    Sorry you have allergies...makes it so miserable to appreciate nature at it's best.

  9. Your roses in California were Gorgeous~ Cute prim goodies just waiting on the spring weather~

  10. Your roses were gorgeous!! Can't wait to see pictures of geraniums flowing from your water pump!! My allergies are terrible too! Mary

  11. Beautiful start!-I am jealous that you have Lilacs in Wisc already! We have only tiny base buds so far. I have enjoyed your garden tour. The roses & Cali foliage is gorgeous!
    THANK YOU!! {{HUGS}}

  12. Now, exactly, how did this Californie girl with such a beautiful home and gardens end up in WISCONSIN for crying out loud??? Are you NUTS?! Ok.....Ok.... Just saying - wow! Your home was all kinds of gorgeous!! Love the roses....Can't grow them here. And, really??? You have lilacs already??? JEALOUS!! I have buds....but teeny, tiny, ones. Glad you joined in the chain....For some reason I though I read someplace you wouldn't be.....but glad you did. I have to go back and see if I see any silver bells and taco shells. ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  13. Your roses were beautiful. You scared me with your story about the rattlesnakes. I live in Northern California and I am constantly scared of tall grass and the possibility of rattlesnakes (haven't heard of any nearby- phew) but the black widows are everywhere. Sure makes gardening a challenge. lol.The lilacs are wonderful, sure hope you aren't allergic to those. Blessings ~Sara

  14. Oh how sweet is Kaden singing that song! You just have to love kids! You lived in Cali and moved to Wisconsin?? WHY?? LoL I am not a WI girl but I am a Minnesota girl so pretty close. I love the start of your gardens. Beautiful roses too. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.
    Be blessed!