What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thank You..

To everyone and their amazing and kind words. I sooo appreciate it. I am feeling better. I have so many things to be thankful for. I know that. I've always considered myself a strong person. So why I've had such a hard time with this over the past few years is beyond me! Now...I have some long overdue thank yous. My computer has officially bit the bullet. I am "allowed" to use Seth's IPad. Now....I've never used a aple product. I have figured out the camera on here...but not how to post pics..without losing my post. Yes..yes..I've written this post a few times before. So...hopefully pics will becoming soon! First..to a wonderful dear sweet blogging friend, Robin..over at The Primitive Hutch. She sent me the BEST birthday gift ever! It was a total surprise. An awesome Raggedy Ann..who has joined the rest of the girls in my bedroom, the neatest little stump doll, who also joined the girls in the diningroom (I had to get a stool to get them up off the floor because it seemed Lucy really loved her too), and the greatest strawberries, which I've put in a jar on top of my clock. Ohhhh ladies how I want to show you pictures. Ugh...this is where I usually lose my post. I get so excited..I try to add them..and bing bang boom...post gone! I can dothis..I will not try...I will not... Next...my clock. Ohhhhh how I love it. Remember the clock dilema on color. Well I chose chocolate black and am soooo glad I did. Its dark and classic, like black, but just a little different. Carol over at Firecracker Prims far outdid herself again. Girls if you are looking for the perfect prim clock...this IS it! THEN...I ordered a pillow form Lecia over at Farmhouse Prims. Remember her pillow with the prairie doll? Well it's mine mine mine. OMG...girls..it's fantastic. I also picked up a few of Mary and Tracy's dolls. Ohhhhh how I love dolls. I need to play more..and see if I can get some pics...because I know you all want to see! I also hit one of my favorite shops around here and scored...big! I found some great pink vintage finds for my girl room. Two white wicker chairs formy side porch, and a stool that's more than perfect to put my dolls on so I don't have to ship Lucy off to the glue factory for "playing" with them! Thanks for reading through EVEN without pictures! Excuse the typos...auto correct makes me crazy...and again...can't figure that on e out yet either.


  1. Good morning. It was great reading your post but you are right I was just drooling for pictures, I will wait patiently though. Sorry about your computer, that is sad. Are you going to get a new one?
    Have a great day!
    Be blessed!

  2. So glad you are feeling better!!! So sweet of Robin to surprise you with her awesome goodies! Carol makes the most wonderful prims, love them. So glad you like your pillow, and love you collection of dolls. hugs, Lecia

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  4. Katie dear friend, so glad you are feeling better. I'm learning new blog things too. We're nurses. We can do it! Love the music choices. Englebert particularly had us both!

  5. Meant it so much I said it twice. seriously Katie feel free to delete one. Rascal Flats too some more. Jeepers pretty soon I will come here just to listen!

  6. So glad you liked your goodies Katie!!!
    Can you tell I'm trying to play catch up!!!
    This stupid finger really put me behind.
    Who would of thought!
    Hope your able to get a new computer soon!
    I'm so lost when mine goes haywire!!!
    Hope you've been enjoying your days!
    Prim Blessings

  7. What a wonderful birthdat surprise!!! Sorry about your computer. We use Apple products in our home and I love them. Hope you get yours fixed soon:) Glad Seth "allowed" you to touch his!!! Arn't blogging friends the best? I am so glad that you have been uplifted and strengthened. I am going to see your next posts to look at the pictures you uploaded. -Steph-