What could they be talking about?

What could they be talking about?

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

Babe Ruth

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Here we go...2011. I can't believe it's here.  It seems like only yesterday my ex-inlaws gave my boys Trucker(our high school football team) jerseys for Christmas.  They put their graduation year on the back.  Jordan was 09 and Seth 11. It seemed like a hundered years away.  I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed new year!

Yesterday Kaden asked for "A visit with Lucas."  Last night he got it!  We spent new years eve with Zach, Jess, Brady, Tyler, and Lucas.  The boys had a great time running around and making forts.  Then they made a movie theater and we "kind of" watched Jack Frost.  Had to fast forward through the kissing parts and the part where the Dad died!  Three of the four boys made it to see the ball drop.  It was so cute...Brady and Kaden stood in front of the tv..watching the count down...counting along 10-9-8....the ball dropped..and they both stood there like...that was it?  Kaden turned around and said, "Mom now what do we do?"  Sorry babe...that's pretty much it!  Big excitement.  I've heard many times since that "we didn't decorate for New Years very good!"

Today is our family Christmas as my sister Beth's.  I'm so looking forward to getting together with everyone.  Prime rib and snacks...yumo! 

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